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Announcing New CCCNP Informational Flyer

Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) is a collaborative process through which a community pools resources to reduce the burden of cancer; resulting in reduced cancer risk, earlier detection of cancer, better treatment and improved quality of life. 

CCC coalitions have been established to bring together cancer control leaders in every state, territory, U.S. Pacific Island Jurisdiction and many tribes, but how do you communicate the importance of CCC to your stakeholders and other members of the community?

This flyer from the Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership explains the importance of CCC coalitions as well as the numerous resources available through the National Partnership. It can be used to demonstrate the importance of investing in cancer control and make the case for your organization to get involved with the National Partnership. 

If you are interested in adapting a version of the flyer for your organization, download the editable Word version of the flyer and customize to fit your needs.