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Cancer Survivorship: Trusted Information to Help Manage Your Care from the American Society of Clinical Oncology


As patients finish active treatment, they often wonder: “What happens next?” ASCO Answers: Cancer Survivorship assists in answering this often difficult question by helping patients better understand survivorship, including its psychological, physical, sexual, reproductive, financial, and work-related challenges. Other information found in this guide includes the importance of follow-up care for monitoring for recurrence and managing long-term and late effects and descriptions of the rehabilitation and support services available to help survivors transition more easily into their everyday lives after cancer.

Throughout this guide are questions patients can ask their health care team, as well as space to write down the answers and make other notes. ASCO Answers: Cancer Survivorship also includes a blank treatment summary and survivorship care form that patients can fill out with the help of their health care team to keep track of the test results, procedures, and treatments they received, as well as recommendations for their follow-up care.

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