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National Cancer Control Month Social Media Toolkit 2019


This toolkit is designed to help public health professionals establish a National Cancer Control Month social media strategy, manage social media accounts, implement Facebook and Twitter best practices, disseminate National Cancer Control Month messaging and evaluate their social media efforts. Take advantage of this awareness month to communicate about your work and successes and thank your members and followers for their support.

Publication Year: 
2019-01-01 00:00:00
Resource(s) on...: 
Access to health services
CCCNP - Communications/Media
CCCNP - Sustaining CCC Coalitions
CCCNP - General
Collaboration/Engagement - CCC coalitions
Collaboration/Engagement - CCC programs
CCC programs and coalitions
Creating state cancer plans and CCC guidelines
Evidence-based practices and interventions
Health promotion
Policy, systems and environmental change
Publishing Organization(s): 
GW Cancer Center
Publisher Location(s): 
District of Columbia (DC)