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If you are looking for additional CCC resources outside of the priority areas, including categories based on National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Library of Indicators and Data Sources (LIDs), please visit the George Washington University (GW) Cancer Center’s Cancer Control Technical Assistance Portal (TAP) Resource Repository.

Examples of resources include research reports, toolkits, fact sheets and infographics, as well as sample program plans and guides for developing new programs. We regularly add new resources, so check back often!

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Engaging Businesses in CCC Coalitions: The Value Proposition for Comprehensive Cancer Control

This toolkit was developed by C-Change, a CCC National Partner, to assist coalitions in analyzing their membership and in engaging for-profit businesses in their coalitions. It provides guidance on building successful partnerships with businesses, features tools that can be adapted by CCC programs and offers additional resources.

Evaluation Documents, Workbooks and Tools

These evaluation resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Program Performance and Evaluation Office (PPEO) can be used by grantees to develop evaluation plans, logic models, indicators and performance measures, evaluation reports, economic evaluations and much more.

Guiding Cancer Control: A Path to Transformation

Throughout history, perhaps no other disease has generated the level of social, scientific, and political discourse or has had the degree of cultural significance as cancer. A collective in the truest sense of the word, "cancer" is a clustering of different diseases that afflict individuals in different ways. Its burdens are equally broad and diverse, from the physical, financial, and psychological tolls it imposes on individuals to the costs it inflicts upon the nation’s clinical care and public health systems, and despite decades of concerted efforts often referred to as the "war on cancer", those costs have only continued to grow over time. The causes and effects of cancer are complex—in part preventable and treatable, but also in part unknown, and perhaps even unknowable.

Guiding Cancer Control defines the key principles, attributes, methods, and tools needed to achieve the goal of implementing an effective national cancer control plan. This report describes the current structure of cancer control from a local to global scale, identifies necessary goals for the system, and formulates the path towards integrated disease control systems and a cancer-free future. This framework is a crucial step in establishing an effective, efficient, and accountable system for controlling cancer and other diseases.

Healthy Behaviors for Cancer Survivors Resources

With over 15.5 million cancer survivors in the United States, it is critical to identify and address the public health needs of this population. The Healthy Behaviors for Cancer Survivors Work Group within the Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership (CCCNP) has compiled the following resources from CCCNP member organizations that address some of the most critical areas of care for survivors.

HPV Champion Toolkit

This toolkit has the best resources available to help providers:

  • Educate other healthcare professionals 
  • Discuss HPV vaccination with parents
  • Make necessary changes in your practice to improve HPV vaccination rates. 

By focusing on ways you can make changes that will lead to improved HPV vaccination rates, YOU are an HPV champion. ​​​​

HPV Vaccination Initiative Contact Map

This map provides a visual display of U.S. HPV vaccination uptake iniatiatives/interventions that is public and searchable by state and organization. 

Implementation Science at a Glance: A Guide for Cancer Control Practitioners

This 30-page workbook was written by members of the NCI implementation Science team and reviewed by nearly 100 public health practitioners and implementation science researchers.

Through summaries of key theories, methods, and models, the guide shows how greater use of implementation science can support the effective adoption of evidence-based interventions.

Case studies illustrate how practitioners are successfully applying implementation science in their cancer control programs.

Increasing Healthy Behaviors Among Cancer Survivors in Rural Communities

Three archived webinars explore aspects of the Increasing Healthy Behaviors Among Cancer Survivors in Rural Communities project. The project was funded by the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD), with funding support from the CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control. This was an opportunity for National Comprehensive Cancer Control Programs (NCCCP) to support NCCCP grantees efforts to engage with local community-based organizations (CBO) to develop and implement evidence-informed wellness interventions for cancer survivors living in rural communities. 

Increasing Healthy Behaviors Among Cancer Survivors in Rural Communities: Evaluation 

Increasing Healthy Behaviors Among Cancer Survivors in Rural Communities: Mental Health Resources for Cancer Survivors

Increasing Healthy Behaviors Among Cancer Survivors in Rural Communities: Resources for Finding Evidence Based/Informed Interventions



Introduction to Program Evaluation for Public Health Programs: A Self-Study Guide

This document is a “how to” guide for planning and implementing evaluation activities. The manual, based on CDC’s Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health, is intended to assist managers and staff of public, private, and community public health programs to plan, design, implement and use comprehensive evaluations in a practical way.

National Cancer Control Month Social Media Toolkit 2019

This toolkit is designed to help public health professionals establish a National Cancer Control Month social media strategy, manage social media accounts, implement Facebook and Twitter best practices, disseminate National Cancer Control Month messaging and evaluate their social media efforts. Take advantage of this awareness month to communicate about your work and successes and thank your members and followers for their support.



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