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The Time is Now: Harnessing the Power of Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalitions to Help Achieve the Cancer Moonshot

The Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership is committed to shining a light on you -- comprehensive cancer control coalitions (CCC) as the "engine of change" in achieving the goals of the Cancer Moonshot. From unleashing the power of data, to strengthening prevention and diagnosis, to improving patient access and care, the Moonshot goals align with CCC coalition goals and the CCC National Partners' priorities.
The most recent Cancer Moonshot Task Force Report highlights the CCC National Partnership's efforts to support CCC coalitions, specifically in the areas of increasing colorectal cancer screening and accelerating uptake of HPV vaccination.
Here's what you can do:
  • As a CCC coalition, review the Cancer Moonshot Task Force Report and find ways to align your efforts with those outlined.
  • Work with your state, tribe or territory Immunization Program and partners to increase HPV vaccination rates (access the HPV Roundtable's Clearinghouse to find data and resources to help).
  • Focus in on tobacco control efforts with your partners, especially for Medicaid populations; and remember to include tobacco cessation for cancer survivors. Click here to access the CDC's evidence-based resources for their 6/18 initiative, which is an effort to target six common and costly health conditions including tobacco using 18 proven specific interventions geared toward purchasers, payers and providers.
  • Continue to work towards increasing colorectal cancer screening rates in your state, tribe and territory: Ask your coalition members to sign the 80% by 2018 pledge. Use existing tools to support your coalition's efforts.
  • Access the Community Guide or RTIPS to ensure your coalition's CRC, HPV and tobacco cessation plan implementation strategies are evidence-based. Tap into organizational commitments that companies and organizations across the country have made in response to the Vice President's call to action for the Cancer Moonshot. For example:
    • The Cancer Support Community (CSC) launched the Frankly Speaking About Cancer Clinical Trials program, a landmark cancer education series devoted to dispelling common myths and building awareness among patients and caregivers about the importance of clinical trials as an option.
    • To ensure that the critical work of the Cancer Moonshot continues, the Cancer Support Community will host Cancer Moonshot: One Year Later in June 2017. The meeting will be held in partnership with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Friends of Cancer Research, National Patient Advocate Foundation, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and LIVESTRONG to ensure that the work of the Cancer Moonshot continues, to bring together patients, advocates, researchers, providers, government agencies, industry organizations and policymakers, and to ensure accountability around the pledges that were made in 2016.
    • Mountains of Hope, West Virginia's CCC coalition, will be participating in a major initiative of the West Virginia University Cancer Institute to address lung cancer health disparities in the state as a result of a $730,000 grant from the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation.